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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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scheme. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats want to know how solyndra executives could tell them the fremont company was prospering and doubling sales of its solar panels and then file for bankruptcy just a few months later. during a visit to solyndra in 2010, president obama touted the company as a model of the government's investment in green technology. >> behind the pomp and package january try of a presidential visit, solyndra was hemorrhaging cash so quickly that within weeks of mr. obama's visit the company cancelled plans to offer shares to the public. >> reporter: last month the cannot went bankrupt. 1100 employees laid off. executives accused of putting themselves ahead of the taxpayers. >> it appears you knew that the titanic was sinking and you made sure you got to the lifeboats first. >> what changed between january of 2009 when the bush administration and department of energy rejected the loan application to march of 2009 when the obama administration reversed course and approved
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this half a billion-dollar loan? >> on the advice of my counsel, i invoke the privilege afforded to me by the fifth amendment of the constitution of the united states. and i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> reporter: the investigation now apparently affecting at least one other bay area solar company, solar city. it's been informed that a department of energy loan they were to receive to install solar panels at military bases across the country is now being held up until congress can finalize its investigation. this solyndra mess will no doubt come up when the president visits the bay area this weekend. joe tooman join us to talk more about the situation. joe, republican opponents of the president are saying this is just another example of incompetence in the obama administration, that they really should have checked out this company and not tried to push this thing through. how damaging is this for the administration? >> reporter: these kinds of congressional hearings it's
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always important to remember, ken, are a lot of political theater. invoking the fifth amendment privilege right does not make you guilty. and you will note that the justice department did raid but the fact that they raided solyndra doesn't mean that anybody is guilty of anything. in a court of law we treat that differently. in the court of politics, which is what this is, not explaining to congress what you did with a half billion dollars is a big question. and you're right, the gop is at this point trying to paint a picture of president obama as not just politically naive but naive where the economy and business are concerned and at the -- the best could you say in this situation, perhaps his administration didn't do due diligence, check on the situation. how could this be successful when the chinese can manufacture solar panels for so much less expensive than we can do is a question. i didn't hear any republicans asking that question last year when the money was approved.
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but the president owns this now. he made several visits. you're right, he touted this as a success. so if it fails, it will be his failure, too. the election is a way away. >> is the margin enough for him? >> it is if this is all that there is to worry about. there are other things we can talk about. the answer to the question in simple terms this election in 2012 is all about jobs. can the president produce a significant decline in unemployment in 2012? if he can't it won't be republicans who will be holding him accountable. it will be independent voters and people in his own party who think that he hasn't done enough. that's the group really has to wore worry about, and jobs is what he needs to worry about. >> joe tuman, thank you. well, as ken said, just days before his california
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visit, president obama's campaign office in los angeles was vandalized. police say that somebody fired a bb gun at the windows and tossed an unknown object into the office. according to the "l.a. times," several staffers were inside at the time. detectives believe the attack was politically motivated because no other nearby businesses were targeted. >> can't call it a coincidence. it's -- i'm sure i would be concerned. >> i would like to think it was an accident, probably some little kid with a bb gun cruising the neighborhood. maybe it was a bb, elbow, something else. >> the president is scheduled to visit los angeles on monday. the governor is trying to keep the plan to bring the america's cup to san francisco on course. that's why he came to town today to throw his support behind the project. as juliette goodrich shows us, he says that with the race will come thousands of jobs. >> reporter: dana, he came here today, it was a beautiful back
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drop. just take a look. it's gorgeous here. we're talking about america's cup. 2013. he is promising thousands of jobs and tourism and financing. with it, though, comes some unsettled waters, environmental concerns and also some businesses here are being told to relocate. reporter: pier 27, the primary site for the 2013 america's cup. today, governor jerry brown was at pier 27 signing a law to help the city finance port improvements needed to host the world class sporting event. >> we're all here today to be part of the signing of bail that's going to put $40 million a year available for doing the infrastructure, fixing up everything, so san franciscan take the lead in the world cup. >> reporter: governor brown says the race is projected to
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bring 450,000 visitors, 8,000 jobs and $1.2 billion in economic activity. essentially, putting wind in the sails of the port's revitalization. the financing also includes plans for a cruise ship terminal at the pier. >> now, what the bill does, of course, is it makes the money available and it also cuts a lot of red tape, streamlines the process. >> reporter: but there's been a bit of a water fight. 80 businesses on port property will likely be forced to move to make way for the america's cup. and environmentalists have concerns about construction polluting the water. but today, the governor, mayor of san francisco ed lee, an lieutenant governor gavin newsom were celebrating the waterfront's revitalization and job creation. >> it's not just great boating activity. all of the labor people who are here today know it's going to really be a great economic boost. >> reporter: thousands of jobs.
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what are they? they are listed on the america's cup website from marketing to sales to hospitality to the port employee website, to the city. all of them hiring now up until 2013. as you know, dana, the race is on to get this port project complete. >> a lot of compromise in the works here. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you, juliette goodrich. also today, the governor signed a law that means no sales taxes on online purchases at least for a year. the delay was a compromise between and the state. now, under the deal, won't be required to collect sales tax right away. the idea is to give congress time to work out a national standard. but if that doesn't happen, the internet sales tax would kick in a year from now. either way, amazon has agreed to build distribution centers in california and that could create thousands of jobs. today, senator dianne feinstein filed a civil lawsuit over an alleged embezzlement
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scheme. she is suing her former treasurer and first california bank. that's her campaign's former bank. according to the complaint, feinstein's senate campaign is missing more than $2 million. the woman was arrested this month for allegedly looting dozens of political war chests. all is quiet on uc- berkeley's campus today following last night's angry clash between police and protestors. students and other demonstrators tried to occupy tollman hall to protest proposed tuition hikes. police say 7 officers were injured as they tried to move in and close the building. that was about 10:00 last night. two people were arrested for felony assault of a peace officer. we are told that neither suspect is a cal student. >> it's unfortunate that they come and interrupt the message the students are trying to get out. >> they are misguided. there's a place for protests
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and there's a place for, uhm, working within the system and trying to find a solution. >> the group behind the protest promises more demonstrations in the coming weeks. thousands of california nurses have ended their strike but not all are going back to work quite yet. sutter health hospitals and children's hospital in oakland are telling nurses not to report to work until next week. unions say the hospitals are locking the nurses out. however, hospital executives say they have signed contracts with replacement workers. coming up, the scuffle that broke out over a palestinian children's art exhibit. why the controversial exhibit will go on. and crime on the rise in one east bay neighborhood. why some say what was supposed to be good for the environment is helping the bad guys instead. sound like science fiction, turning people's thoughts into movies? the bay area scientists who figured out how to do it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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still today demonstrators turn out to a controversial art show in the east bay will go on. >> today demonstrators turned out to protest an oakland museum that canceled an art exhibit featuring drawings by palestinian children. christin ayers on the art, the politics and the paintings. >> we just found out that the organizers of this exhibit have secured a new space here in downtown oakland for the exhibit. they had to go so far as to renting their own space. still, protestors showed up here to shame the museum for rejecting that exhibit in the first place. >> shame, shame! >> reporter: a children's museum caught in an israeli- palestine power struggle. [ yelling ]
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>> don't push people! >> you are kidnapping me by pushing me like this! >> i'm not kidnapping you! >> reporter: it wasn't supposed to be like this. >> there may have been some misjudgment in -- as to what the reaction would be. >> reporter: board member randolph bell said force months oakland's museum of children's art had been planning an exhibit called a child's view from gaza. it was to feature these war drawings by palestinian children. but after meeting with jewish groups the museum promptly cancelled the exhibit saying the images were too violent for kids. the message, too controversial. >> being that this is really the most contentious issue, you know, on the planet right now, there was significant pushback. so we had to take that into consideration. >> it was more hurtful than shocking. >> reporter: critics say the exhibit has been shown all over the world and the museum's refusal too show it is censorship. >> why not the palestinian child? >> reporter: jewish groups who showed up to protest the protest claims this isn't art,
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it's hate. >> i believe that it is anti- semitic and i doubt very much that children even drew them because bombs don't have big jewish stars on them. that makes it entirely anti- semitic. >> reporter: the museum is now playing referee. the board of directors offered to show a modified exhibit with some of the less inflammatory drawings to no avail. now the museum is drafting a new exhibition policy that it hopes will help them sidestep issues like this in the future. >> there was absolutely some mistakes made on the way in the absence of a policy. but we're working to correct that. >> reporter: now, it's not clear exactly what that policy will say. again, we do know that the exhibit will be shown tomorrow at a space here in downtown oakland. the address is 917 washington. organizers hoping dana to open that up to the public a day after they were originally supposed to and go on with this exhibit. >> all right, christin ayers in
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oakland, thank you. meanwhile, palestinian president mahmoud abbas officially asked the united nations for statehood today despite objections by the united states, some european nations and israel. but abbas told the assembly that two decades of peace talks have failed to produce an independent palestine. >> will the world allow israel to occupy us forever and will it allow israel to remain a state above the are you? >> the core of the conflict has always been and unfortunately remains the refusal of the palestinians to recognize the jewish state. >> in ramallah, thousands of palestinians gathered to watch the speech and as you can see there, when israeli prime minister israeli prime netanyahu got behind the podium, the crowd started throwing shoes at the screen. the united states has said it will veto a vote to create a palestinian state. they are good for the environment but one pastor in oakland says new energy- efficient street lights are
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also good for criminals. the city has 37,000 of these dim street lights to save energy prevent light waste and glare. the state legislature enacted new energy-efficient lighting standard in 2002. with homicides already at 85 this year, up 25% from last year, pastor zachary carey from true vine ministries says the dark streets are to blame. >> we believe if you increase the lighting, then would you save lives. we're not just talking about the lighting. its more than the lighting. it's jobs for people who are 16 to 25, you know, it's stopping the violence. it's all of these things work hand in hand together. >> studies are showing street lights act as natural surveillance and reduce crime by 20%. but oakland is facing a $76 million budget deficit and the city leaders say they can't afford to make those lights brighter. dozens of san francisco firefighters braved the chilly waters of the bay this morning. it wasn't for a rescue mission
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but, instead, for a good cause. it is the fourth annual swim to alcatraz. participants are trying to raise awareness for early detection of cancer in firefighters because one out of every three retired firefighter develops some kind of cancer. one thing you can do is swim this weekend. >> that water temperature was 61 degrees so yeah! hats off to them. we got a big event this weekend. i say we, because cbs 5 very proud sponsors of walk to end alzheimer's. it kick starts at 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. we hope to see you there. dennis o'donnell and myself will lead the pack at 10 a.m. right there at mission creek park in san francisco. you have a choice. you can walk one mile or about 3 1/2 miles. but either way, come on out and we hope to see you there. boy, big changes going on this weekend weather-wise. first off, we have this area of low pressure. this right now promises to bring at least a chance of rain
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to the bay area on sunday. meanwhile, this area of low pressure is kicking up subtropical moisture to the north and as it does so, we have a possibility of dry lightning anywhere from santa cruz to the south. so therefore, red flag warnings are in effect for san benito and monterey counties until 11 p.m. tonight. almost the same setup as what we experienced two weeks ago. so we have a red flag warning in effect tonight. tomorrow, relief in the form of cooler temperatures inland. and today we topped off at 100 again in livermore. rain is possible on sunday. and then really as far as south as monterey. tomorrow's daytime temperatures coming down considerably. 57 degrees in pacifica to 84 degrees in livermore. again, down from triple digits today. 78 in san jose. 75 in santa rosa. average high in those neighborhoods around 38 degrees. the extended forecast get a good peek at it because you have there the cooler air mass working its way both days over the weekend. unsettled conditions on sunday.
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and then on monday, high pressure begins to build back into the bay area and as it does so, temperatures begin to climb and then by this time next week, we have seasonal temperatures right here in the bay area. but again, we're talking about temperatures going back up next week. >> toasty. all right, roberta, thanks. >> roller coaster ride. thank you. well, bay area scientist figure out how to read people's minds. see how they are turning our thoughts into movies. ,,
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found a way to t your brain can apparently paint a picture and not just for you to see. researchers at cal have found a way to turn brainwaves into actual images. they showed people two hours of movie clips. they then fed a computer 18 million one second clips interest youtube. the computer then created an image of what it thinks the person is seeing. researchers say the technology could one day be used to understand the mentally ill or even to reconstruct dreams. a bay area police force does something that has never been done before. >> we want to give them a behind-the-scenes look at our organization and the city of fremont. >> the virtual experiment that will show you what it's really like to be a crime fighter.
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>> i was diagnosed in may with prostate cancer. >> it's one of the bay area's best kept secrets. the group of doctors giving second opinions for free. uncle sam is paying dead people. the wasteful spending the fed have known about for years but haven't fixed. it's costing you millions. trit. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes. mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway. [ male announcer ] wanchai ferry.
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was kidnapped and murdered during a crime in a few minutes a vigil will get under way for a popular bay area radio host who was kidnapped and murdered during a crime spree. kiet do is in san jose where friends and family are gathering to remember cindy nguyen. >> reporter: we're at the plant shopping center where she was killed a week ago. this is setting up to be a celebration. organizers are expecting up to 1,000 people tonight including local dignitaries from the city council, county board of supervisors and the chief of police. now, nguyen was a popular radio host and a beloved community volunteer. her car battery died in this parking lot and she flagged down a supposed good samaritan.
6:27 pm
san jose police say paul ray castillo, a career criminal, stopped to help. investigators say he was in the middle of a citywide one man crime spree when he carjacked, kidnapped and then later killed her. nguyen's family and friends say they don't want her death to be meaningless. >> we celebrate her life, on a positive note, and everything that she stands for, everything that she represents. i want everyone to understand that this is the cindy that people are talking about. a positive cindy, the you know -- let's give and forgive. that's cindy. >> reporter: and this event is behind the rubio's parking lot and the plant shopping center and runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight. there is a trust fund set up for her three children. you can get the bank information on our website, and then click on "links and numbers." >> thank you, kiet do. the prime suspect in the
6:28 pm
murder of nursing student michelle le has a volatile past. court documents show giselle esteban was involved in a stormy violent relationship with the father of her son who describes her behavior as bizarre and threatening against him and his family. she was once arrested for domestic violence in an incident in which both he and esteban were bruised and bloodied. court documents also say esteban has had bouts with depression and friends once found her asleep next to an empty bottle of antidepressants. it's a rare look at an emergency personnel system at work. fremont police department and fire departments are tweeting all emergency calls tonight. len-on why they are letting us -- len ramirez on why they're letting us in on the action. >> reporter: they want to give people an idea of the type of calls they are deal with every day. this is one of their latest tweets that just came in. fremont pd two juveniles causing a traffic problem near
6:29 pm
washington boulevard and 680 wearing black, one with no bottoms on. i kid you not. that's what it says. those are the types of calls that fremont police understand they go on every day. >> reporter: the old-fashioned crackle of the two-way radio can still be heard at fremont police headquarters but now dispatchers have opened a three- way conversation with the public when they send out officers to the scene, they are also sending out tweets on the department's twitter account. >> a lot of the community is not aware of the types of calls that we respond to, the social issues that we deal with daily. and you know, we want to give them a behind-the-scenes look at our organization and the city of fremont. >> reporter: the twitter feed allows anyone with a smart phone, tablet or pc to follow the fremont pd and get realtime information about what the officers are up to. >> we can not only inform them about situations faking place like a traffic -- taking place like a traffic accident to stay away from the area but we can
6:30 pm
put out information on a case when we need help. >> reporter: a report of a stolen car came in which was tweeted with the car's license plate number. but police chief craig steckler says social media must be used carefully, the department will deliberately hold back information for privacy or safety concerns. >> on a domestic violence case we wouldn't put the victim's name. if it's a hot call where that's a chance for violence occurring, we're not going to put out the exact location. we want to wait until the officers stabilize the scene before we put it out for officer safety reasons. >> reporter: at this point, tweeting is still in the experimental stage. issues like the added time and labor it takes to tweet have not been addressed. but already, other departments are watching including arcadia pd's tom laveque who became a fremont pd twitter follower today. >> it will never replace boots on the ground or officers in the field but when you have a better informed community, they are more likely to report crime to be pro-active and to not
6:31 pm
become a victim. >> and within just the last couple minutes here, fremont pd tweeted a couple of more times, a couple of medical aid calls in the city, the types of things they deal with every minute of every day. they have had a twitter account here for a long time but now them to see how it works when they put out all these calls. this is going to last until 2 a.m. tomorrow morning and then they will take all this information, take some of the feedback they have received from the public and decide whether or not they want to do this full time. back to you. >> you know, lenny, i was thinking in the old date newspapers once a week would print the police blotter way after the fact. now we're talking realtime. it changes the whole dynamic. >> reporter: exactly right. you know, the police blotter, that's exactly what this is, you know, for old-timers who remember what a blotter is, you know, this is the new version of that. it's basically showing all the calls kind of mundane calls as well as some of the more dangerous ones, and stolen vehicles like the one that was reported today, you know, those are the types of things that people can help with in
6:32 pm
realtime. >> i'm an old-timer because i remember the blotter. [ laughter ] >> thanks, len. >> reporter: that's right, me, too. >> thanks. [ laughter ] >> appreciate that. >> all of us here. all right. first $16 muffins, now we're learning that the federal government is paying dead people. a new watchdog report shows uncle sam has paid dead federal retirees $600 million over the last five years. the office of personnel management says benefit checks keep going out if a worker's death isn't reported. in one instance, a beneficiary was improperly paid for 37 years to the tune of a half million dollars. heads up, got a dead satellite the size of a school bus plummetting t earth. a new development changes everything about when and where it's supposed to hit. >> i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> prostate cancer. >> how each got a second opinion from an independent panel of doctors.
6:33 pm
>> from 7 specialists. >> for free coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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california: a bill sitting on governor brown's desk would let kids as young as 12 get vaccinated against s-t-d's, a hot topic and the campaign trail is playing out here in california. a bill would let children as young as 12 get vaccinated against sexually-transmitted diseases without parent consent. republicans say it would get if the way of a parents' right to be involved in their child's medical decisions. supporters say it's needed to keep up with new prevention treatments that help slow the spread of std's among minors. it passed among party lines. governor brown has until october 9 to act. a diagnosis of cancer can turn the whole world upside- down. and patients often wonder if it's even correct or if they are getting the best advice. now as dr. kim mulvihill shows us, this is a way for patients here in the bay area to get a second opinion from experts
6:36 pm
free of charge. paul rogers lives near sacramento. julia nelson san francisco. anna oakland. they don't know each other but they are fighting a common enemy. >> i was diagnosed in may with prostate cancer. >> i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> the cancer is now in the intestines. >> reporter: along with family and friends, these patients have gathered for a unique opportunity to get a second opinion from a panel of cancer specialists. no cost. it's completely free to anyone. >> that's just phenomenal. >> i think people need hope. and they need reassurance that at the end of the dark tunnel that they are going to go through, that they are going to be okay. >> reporter: this oncologist is a medical director of the service called the second opinion. >> there isn't anything like it we're aware of certainly in california and perhaps in the
6:37 pm
country. >> he is 59 years old and went and had a psa ordered by his primary physician in march of 2011. >> reporter: three times a months, a panel of volunteer physicians, pathologists, oncologist, radiologists, meet to review and discuss three cancer case in detail. some retired doctors are from medical practices around the bay area. >> they will have a totally unbiased second opinion about their illness not influenced by practice models or finances or any professional biases that way. >> reporter: the doctor meets with each patient to go over medical history and then each patient goes eye to eye with the panel. >> i'm asking you doctors the same thing. >> i don't know anywhere elsewhere they come to ask their own questions in their own words and hear the discussion which goes on which i think is really valuable for the patient. >> nothing could replace that experience i had. >> reporter: two years ago, renee klein was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had
6:38 pm
surgery. his doctor wanted him to have follow-up radiation. klein was unsure. >> what should i do, when should i do it? am i making the right decision? >> reporter: he turned to the second opinion. >> there was a lot of discussion back and forth and finally one of the urologists who was there just turned to me and he said, his exact words, if i were your brother, i would tell you to do this. and i would do it sooner rather than later. >> reporter: klein chose radiation. >> to have someone say this is what we recommend, this is what i think you should do, is like and enormous weight off your back. >> reporter: after his meeting, paul decided on surgery and radiation. >> it's priceless to have confirmation from 7 specialists that that's probably the best way to go. >> reporter: delia feels reassured she is on the right track. >> they have told me that the treatment that i'm taking is the best treatment that i could have gotten. >> reporter: and anna is going to try a cancer drug with fewer
6:39 pm
side effects. >> it was worth listening to so many different doctors with different opinions. >> reporter: at the end of the day, that's what matters to the volunteers. having patients who are fighting the tough fight have peace of mind. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. for more information on second opinion or how to donate time or money, go to >> listen because somebody is surely yelling. the sky is falling! >> and forget what you heard. that dead satellite could be headed right toward us. really? >> and we would be able to see it because we have lots of clear skies in our inland areas. but meanwhile, it's a getaway friday! i'll show you which areas will hit the triple digits, but kim, are we talking baseball? >> we are! and "moneyball" is out in theaters today. but not everyone is racing to go see a movie about billy beane. and after catching his first touchdown last sun, what did kyle williams do with the football? that's coming up in sports. ,,
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major acting award you can think accomplished rita moreno has won every major acting award you can think of. now the accomplished actress is playing the role of her life. joe vazquez talked to rita moreno about her life without makeup. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: she is one of the few to have won all the big prizes, oscar, tony, grammy, emmy, actually two emmys. >> other cultures believe in self-control. we believe in the principle of constant combustion. >> reporter: rita moreno is back on stage at the berkeley repertory theater with a show called life without makeup. it's her own story of her life and legendary show business career. >> oh, i think anita was one of the great roles in movie musicals. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: anita from "west side story" is her most famous role, the one that won her the
6:44 pm
academy award in 1962 for best supporting actress. >> i could barely believe it really. a little puerto rican girl winning an oscar? unbelievable. you can hold it! >> wow! >> reporter: but what's not so well known is she didn't do another film for 7 years after "west side story." she refused role after role because she was tired of playing hollywood's it nick stereotype. >> i played a lot of senorita low legal local lita, senorita roles. you had to talk like this. >> reporter: it has all her highs and lows. who knew she had a long relationship with marlon brando. you loved him almost as much as he loved himself? >> right. but not quite as much. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but perhaps what is most marvelous is the fact that moreno is still charging forward performing for more than two hours a night as she nears 80 years old.
6:45 pm
>> so it's been great fun. dancing at 79... [ laughter ] >> reporter: and you're climbing stairs. i'm worried about you out there. >> well, i think that that fire escape step worries people a lot because i'm very gingerly going up and down it. >> reporter: rita moreno, life without makeup, and what a life. the show runs through the first week of november. joe vazquez, cbs 5. a dead satellite the sides of a -- size of a school bus is on a collision course with earth. it's moving slower than expected and scientists tell cbs news the first pieces could begin hitting in three hours. now, we still don't know exactly where that debris is going to land. however, california is still in the crosshairs. but beyond that, as tina kraus shows us, it's a guessing game. >> reporter: scientists say this 6-ton satellite is on a crash course with earth. >> it's coming into the atmosphere and it's going to burn up and probably drop some debris someplace on the planet. >> reporter: nasa says it
6:46 pm
probably won't hit the u.s. but will scatter debris over a 500- mile area somewhere on the globe. experts are track the satellite's path at radar stations around the world including here in england. computer models show it falling in the south pacific. but nobody knows for sure. >> due to the size and shape of this object, it's impossible for anyone using the resource we have across the globe to accurately predict where it will enter. >> reporter: it's as big as this double-decker bus. most of it will burn up but two dozen chunks of metal will plummet to earth, the heaviest weighing over 300 pounds. >> most satellites when they come down, they're smaller, they burn up and no one is any the wiser. this one though because of its size is a little more significant. >> we have main engine start. >> reporter: nasa launched the research satellite in 1991 to study the ozone layer but took it out of service in 2005. it's the biggest nasa
6:47 pm
spacecraft to fall from the sky in 32 years. scientists say since water covers most of the earth, they expect a splash rather than a crash. the odds of debris hitting any one person on planet are very slim, just one in 21 trillion. tina kraus, cbs news, london. >> space junk. >> we may get some stuff out of the sky this weekend. >> yeah, we could see some -- oh, that was just a fly. [ laughter ] >> sorry about that. >> relax. >> studio fly. >> seem a little jumpy here with these satellites following me around everywhere i go. big changes for the first full weekend of autumn. this is impressive. these are our current temperatures in and around our microclimates and right now, we are in the mid-50s in pacifica with that stratus just lurking offshore and even pushing into some of the little mountain ranges there around the san mateo coast. and then look inland a good 40-
6:48 pm
degree temperature span. where else in america can you if you find a 40-degree temperature span on the first day of autumn? this is our large contributor to the cooldown and that wide range of temperatures across our microclimates. it's that tongue of low clouds and fog trickling into the bay in and out of the golden gate bridge. today it had an impact on our coastal temperatures but meanwhile, check this out. morgan hill 102 degrees the hottest they have been all summer and it's the first day of autumn. meanwhile, east of the bay, it was livermore antioch and pleasanton at 101 degrees. san francisco checked in two degrees above average. it was 87 degrees in hayward. and low 70s in sausalito. big changes this weekend, unsettled forecast. first this is worth noting. it's an area of low pressure. right now computer models are arguing what to do with it. nevertheless, it's going to produce a chance of rain on sunday. then this right here is going to produce a chance of dry
6:49 pm
lightning tonight anywhere from the santa cruz mountains to the south, red flag warning in effect for san benito and monterey counties, gusty winds until 11 p.m. it was two weeks ago tonight when we had that huge thunderstorm event. there will be thunderstorms in the high sierra from tahoe all the way to yosemite over the weekend, triple digits in fresno. so we have a lot of information going out there. let's nail it done for you. red flag warning tonight. relief in the form of cooler temperatures inland tomorrow. rain possible on sunday. meanwhile, temperatures will pan out like this. 50s 60s beaches with only partial clearing of the skies. 78 degrees with the sunshine in san jose. down from the average high of 38 degrees. and today it was 89. down from the average high of 83 degrees. north bay numbers in the 70s. the extended forecast, sunday additional cooling with the threat of rain showers and back into the 90s on tuesday and wednesday through thursday. that's the pinpoint forecast.
6:50 pm
we'll be right back.
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doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it.
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i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield. [ man ] you have one new message. [ mom ] hi scooter. this is mommy. the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. the vegetables are cut nice and thick... you were always good at cutting your vegetables. and it's got tender white-meat chicken... the way i always made it for you. oh, one more thing honey... those pj's you like, the ones with the feet, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. the raiders were one of four teams that made their first two games on the road. but they will have a packed
6:53 pm
house waiter for them in their sunday home opener. the raiders looked like they returned to oakland with a 2-0 record but they blew a 21-3 halftime lead and were out 35- 14 in the second half by the bills. it won't get easier with the 2- 0 jets coming to town so they can't dwell on what happened in buffalo. >> you have to do -- whenever you [ indiscernible ] >> let it go. games like that can definitely affect you for the next game. ladanian tomlinson is no stranger to the raiders. the former charger has scored 22 touchdowns in his career against the silver and black. but he knows playing at the coliseum is never easy. >> it is one of the toughest places to play. and probably one of the weirdest places to play. [ laughter ] >> all right? just because the fans are really into it. but it's halloween every time, you know?
6:54 pm
whenever you go there. i remember one particular game, it was in overtime and i happened to make the winning touchdown run, and, you know, when i got to the end zone, everybody, you know, pounded on me and pretty soon they are starting to throw stuff at us, beer bottles, just everything, you know, throwing at us. so we hurried up and got off the field and continued the celebration in the locker room because we didn't want to celebrate on the field. >> what's wrong with halloween? everybody loves halloween. you can see the jets and raiders sunday at 1:00 right here on cbs 5. and stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter. meanwhile, the 49ers won't be back in the bay area until month, october 3 with back-to- back road games in cincinnati and philadelphia. the team will stay in youngstown ohio next week. braylon edwards out with a knee injury, kyle williams is expected to take on a larger role. the second year wide receiver who is also the son of white sox general manager kenny williams caught his first career touchdown last week
6:55 pm
against the cowboys. >> can't help but notice that you're wearing the white sox hat. what do your parents think of the touchdown? >> my mom actually made it out to the game, so, you know, she kind of was going crazy when she saw me. but my dad the same thing. he told me people around the nation were calling him and, you know, telling him that they were proud. it was a good feel overall. but again, bittersweet when we didn't win. so hopefully again i can get it done in a winning evident. >> reporter: your dad has a world series ring already. the football, did you get it back? could it be making a trip to chicago to be shown off in his office? >> definitely got the football but i don't know if he is going to get his hands on it right now. it's my living room. >> maybe a second touchdown. with no end in sight in the nba lockout the league announced today it's canceling 43 preseason games. the regular season is scheduled to start november 1. but that's not looking good at the moment. second round of the tour championship, k.j. choi moved within one stroke of
6:56 pm
the lead. scott takes the lead. if he wins this weekend he will be the winner of the fedex cup and more importantly the $10 million prize that goes with it. "moneyball" opened up in theaters today. but not everyone is excited to watch brad pitt play billy beane. radio mad dog chris russo has no idea why anyone would want to see a movie based on the as general manager. >> what is the conclusion of "moneyball"? is this them holding the world series trophy that i missed? he won one play-off series. they are making this guy out to be the greatest team in the world? he has won one -- [ bleep ] he has won one play-off series in 15 years! and if you read michael lewis and seen brad pitt with the oakland as on his cap you would [ indiscernible ] >> of course bran tricky signed
6:57 pm
jackie robinson and broke baseball's color barriers. not a good comparison it major but the movie got good reviews and i'm anxious to see it. i was invited to a screening last week but i was with the raiders so i couldn't go. >> but if brad pitt weren't playing the role of billy beane, would you go see it? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> okay. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source wiping out flakes before they flake.
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6:59 pm
let me be the first to say welcome to "eye on the bay." i'm brian hackney. and this is a show about firsts in the bay area. and when it comes to firsts, we have plenty of them.


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